Just Smile My Name It's Joana Rosario , Im Dominican & Lives In Orlando Florida , Im 17 Senior At AHS , Talk To Me I Promise I Wont Bitee Youu . if you ever need any advice let me know i would give my honest opinion & would always be here for anybody who needs me

I am not looking for the kind of love, that forces me to prove my worth


I’m such a hipocrite.

I tell my friends they have to eat, when I don’t.

I twll them they shouldn’t self-harm, when I do.

I tell them life is beautiful and worth liveing, when I’m considering suicide.

I tell them they should take a risk, when I just hide.

I tell them to be optimistic and happy, when I’m battling depression.

I tell them not to care bout peoples opinions, when i do.

I tell them I’ll never leave, when I know I’m most certainly going to.

You don’t need religion to have morals. If you can’t determine right from wrong then you lack empathy, not religion. – Unknown (via 13thmoon)


show up to your funeral like



I wish I were actually attractive. People would actually like me and they wouldn’t give a fuck if I were the biggest asshole or not

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